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WALL Introduction & Instruction

Q. What can we do, living in a world like a jungle full of fake news and quasi knowledge?

A. Just learn to play the investment game smart, genuinely smart!

WALL, being structurally different from an information search

portal, is created to provide knowledge-accumulation services

to help people making better investment decisions based on

systematically deeper understanding about our world.

From macro perceptions to technological senses, 

this knowledge query portal is trying to connect dots of

capital markets, and thus let people track, monitor and learn how

capital markets really work to bring critical opportunities and systemic risks.

Knowledge Query Engine (KQE) - AI & Knowledge Technology

The knowledge-base of WALL has been designed and constructed in an architecture of intelligence to train computers to incorporate techniques of artificial intelligence in natural language processing (NLP), knowledge graph (KG) and quantum computing (QC) to build up a knowledge query engine

so that conceptual relationships of keywords, phrases and statements are formatted

in deeper senses which justify its core quantitative analysis of capital flows

as tracking and monitoring the evolution of market systemic risks.

A significant historic event, occurring on a specific date, is ??? into

a packet of knowledge, called a domino, 

Every domino becomes a window for a user to look into the historic time tunnel.

Personalized Knowledge-Base (PKB) & Islemma

3-Layer of descriptive knowledge + quantitative knowledge

Macro Puzzle  


Blackswan, Butterfly, Domino Effects of Risk Factors

Game of WALEX  


Global Dydnamic Asset Allocation (GDAA) of Assets

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